Intimidated by ballet? Consider ballet fitness.

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Ballet fitness class at The Ballet Spot in New York City.
Photos by Viciedo Photography
Ballet fitness makes ballet accessible to all.

If you have little to no dance experience, or if you have been away from dance for a long time, then the idea of going to ballet class can be a bit scary...

As much as I love traditional ballet class, I know the unspoken etiquette and complex sequences of steps can be intimidating for newcomers. 

But what about ballet fitness?

While many adults do not have experience with ballet, most of us have at least some experience with group fitness.     

If you are an adult who is interested in ballet but doesn't feel ready for traditional ballet class, then ballet fitness can introduce (or reintroduce) you to ballet technique in a fun, low-pressure environment.

What is ballet fitness, exactly?

These days, there is a wide range of ballet workout programs available on DVDs, YouTube channels, and at group fitness studios.

Most of these exercise programs offer some combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, and many use a barre. 

My own first exposure to ballet was through a ballet fitness program — the New York City Ballet Workout book and DVD, which taught me the basic moves of ballet and helped me gain the confidence I needed to begin my dancing journey.

And even after dancing ballet for many years, I still to return to the NYCB Workout from time to time, because it is easy to follow and can keep me in shape when I need it the most.

Who should do ballet fitness workouts?


Seriously though, if you are an absolute ballet beginner, coming back to dance after an injury, returning to ballet after many years away, or even if you already take ballet regularly...

...ballet fitness can help you. Here's how:

  • Ballet workouts that you can follow along to at home provide a convenient way to stay in shape when you can't go to the studio.
  • Ballet fitness is taught at a brisk pace and may incorporate elements such as wrist or ankle weights — which helps dancers build strength and endurance. 

The quick, keep-you-moving pace and the added (optional) resistance of weights makes ballet fitness a great opportunity for dancers of all levels to exercise in a way that builds the exact muscles you want to develop for ballet. 

While traditional ballet classes often move a bit slowly — with long breaks to focus on technical corrections — ballet fitness classes are all about ballet as a workout. 

So, depending on your specific goals, ballet fitness could be perfect for you.

You could use it to explore the art of ballet while becoming more fit, or if you are already a dancer, you could use it to supplement your training, build up your endurance, and improve your overall dancing ability. 

Where can I find ballet fitness classes to do at home?

I haven't popped my NYCB Workout DVD into my laptop for some time now, because these days, there are so many options for at-home ballet workouts — and not only on DVDs or YouTube.

Now, you can find live classes on Zoom, where you can get personal feedback from instructors and build a sense of community with fellow dancers.

Take, for example, the ballet workout classes offered by The Ballet Spot

The Ballet Spot makes classical ballet fun and accessible to all

The Ballet Spot, founded by Eliza Tollett, is a ballet fitness studio based in Los Angeles and New York City. 

Much like Adult Ballet Hub, this studio wants everyone to experience the joy of ballet. 

The Ballet Spot offers a robust online program with livestreams and on-demand ballet workout classes every day of the week — and though their classes are fitness based, The Ballet Spot is unique, because its classes offer REAL classical ballet, not just ballet inspired moves. 

Their unique Cardio Ballet workout program uses traditional ballet steps set to either pop or classical music to keep you inspired, even as you break a sweat.

And many of the Cardio Ballet classes are even based on some of the great story ballets such as Don Quixote or Coppélia. 

Follow along with this (exclusive to Adult Ballet Hub!) classical ballet workout from The Ballet Spot

Now to the really cool part: Eliza reached out to me and offered to make a free, fifteen minute Coppélia themed Cardio Ballet workout especially for Adult Ballet Hub readers. (Thanks, Eliza!)

I tried it out myself and it's a fun, easy-to-follow fifteen minutes of dance-y, ballet goodness.

Anyone, anywhere can dance ballet. Thanks to the internet, and to studios like The Ballet Spot, this is more true today than it ever has been.

Thanks for reading, and if you give this workout a try, let us know what you think!